Welcome Prints: Map Previews

Get a closer look at the available maps

Here you can get a look at the glorious details of these vintage cartographic images. Keep in mind this is not full resolution, but high enough to get your peepers excited! 👀

These maps were licensed specifically for this project. Please refrain from sharing this page with others.

Vancouver, BC - Wrigley's 1930 Map of Vancouver, and Lower Mainland. - Open Image in a new window

New York City, NY - City of New York Cartographic Illustration from the Illustrated London News. Open image in a new window

Toronto, ON -  Bird's-eye view, looking north from harbor to north of Bloor St. and some points beyond, from Humber R. on the west to Victoria Park Ave. on the east.  - Barclay, Clark & Co. Open image in a new window

San Francisco, CA - Panama Pacific Exposition map of San Francisco "The Exposition City". Open image in a new window