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The Five app is an abandoned iOS app project I worked on in 2013. The app came out of a personal need for a better break timer that was zero maintenance. 

They say the best apps are the ones you create out of necessity right? Well I made this timer in order to force myself to take more breaks at work during long grind sessions in front of the computer screen. It seems like every few months I read a new report about how terrible sitting is for your health. Well after some research, it turns out that sitting may indeed be unhealthy, but there’s also something interesting to be said about taking regular breaks from work.

Taking breaks has a vast number of benefits to your productivity and creativity!

Brief Diversions Vastly Improve Focus, Researchers Find -

To Stay on Schedule, Take a Break -


This app is a basic timer which reminds you to take a break every 1.5 hours when it detects you’re inactive. The timer resets itself if you take a break before it has finished.

If you haven’t moved for the length of the timer, you’ll get a push notification on your device as well as your desktop (OSX Mavericks only) and every 5 minutes thereafter until the app senses movement again.

You’ll receive one of many suggestions for what to do with your five minute break. Based on your location you might receive directions to a cafe or nearby destination.

The timer simply repeats itself during the designated schedule. This allows it to be very low maintenance and works its way into your daily routine.

Set a schedule for the timer to repeat.

Set the timer to a desired interval.

An active timer with interesting facts about productivity.

When the app detects movement it pauses the timer for up to a minute before triggering the “On Break” function.

While “On Break” the app gives a suggestion on what to do

  When OSX Mavericks announced desktop push notifications the feature was added to keep you notified.

When OSX Mavericks announced desktop push notifications the feature was added to keep you notified.

Some early explorations and framing